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    Balloon AI with th weapon and eagle

    This is a question from a friend.

    Is it normal that the balloons go around the townhall even when there are defence's next to the townhall without a gap because on some bases it's really annoying and you can get a fail because of that.

    The link is an example of what I mean. The townhall only went down in the video because of the splash damage of the loons.
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    In short, yes.

    We know that troops only see their three closest targets, and from those they will choose the one they can reach quickest. If there is a tie, the one that's chosen is purposely obfuscated to combat predictive scripting. It looks to me like the nearest of the three closest targets was always the defense immediately next to the loons, and not the townhall across and sometimes diagonal from them.

    What you're seeing is the same principle as when troops circle the map. If you don't plan for the direction your troops will take by creating funnels or breaking off side alleys, and if you release all your troops before you take out competing targets, they'll just wander after the path of least resistance. Had your friend released some of the loons after the earliest defenses were destroyed, he'd/she'd be able to reach the Town Hall. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    Just to add that the centre of the defence is where the loons target. So as the town hall and eagle are larger buildings the centre is further away and never closer than the small building in these video clips.
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