I would like to see souvenirs added to the game. They could be made and sold in their own building in the town, just outside the sanctuary. Or they could be made in existing buildings on farm then sold in the souvenirs shop in town.

Some ideas could be:

1. Ball cap with animal silhouette on it (made in hat maker with cotton fabric and either sunflowers or indigo for color )
2. Balloons similar to the sheep/chick, but just the sanctuary animals (made at flower shop with new items string and latex)
3. Flags/pennant. Maybe with some simple image on it like animals or flowers. (made at sewing machine with fabric)
4. Cotton candy. (made at candy machine with white sugar and strawberries or raspberries)

Those are just a few I was thinking of. Whether or not they choose to add the souvenirs building, they could sell a few of these at the gift shop as well.

I would also like to add a fruit/gift basket sold at the gift shop. (made with bananas, orange, pineapple, apples , plums, or any combination of those).
This and be made at the flower shop. Having worked at a flower shop as teen, we made and sold many of them.