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    Question about possible base design ban

    Hello there!
    I know that you can get banned for inappropriate base designs. I intent to build the flag of the German Empire (black, white, red) in stripes out of walls with upgrading them. I do not want it to be offensive and it is so expensive that I ask you if that base would met the rules before I start to build it so that I would not get banned.

    Thank you in advance

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    I would say using that is very thin ice due to history. Better use germanys current flag black red gold.

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    OP, since your art project will be expensive and subject to interpretation, I'd like to suggest you contact Player Support to get an official response. Good luck.

    EDIT: Here's a fascinating article about Germany's empires.
    The Other Reichs Before Hitler's Third (

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    I think it would be considered offensive. The flag is being used a lot by right-wing extremists who claim that Germany does not exist. A mobile game you play on the toilet is not the right place to express your political opinions anyway.

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    No one on this forum can give you any guarantees that this will or will not get you banned.
    If such a base is reported it will be a judgement call from the support agent.

    Besides lets look at it from a different perspective... what if we all tell you you will not get banned and a few months down the road it will lead to you being banned. Then what ? How are you going to hold all these people accountable for the wrong information when you end up stuck with the harsh reality of a ban.

    Lastly I will close with saying this.. if you even have to ask and are unsure then you probably already know it isnít the best of ideas and might be taking a risk.

    I think thereís enough food for thought to make a decision.

    Thank you TerMinus Prime

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