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Thread: Farm pass - Early finished

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    Farm pass - Early finished

    I am now finished with the whole farm pass road. Have collected all there is to collect and it is still 14 days left of the season. Anyone else? I wish they would make the farm pass road much longer, maybe with some extra decorarions for the players who are really active and can go all the way. Its kind of boring when you finish it this early.

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    I have finished it and am happy to have done so. I can enjoy the rewards now for another two weeks. It is the right length for me and it gives my baby farm time to get there. It is a lot slower as I don’t open it as much.

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    I haven't finished yet, but with other things going on (aside from the valley, derby and managing four farms), I'm happy with the points/duration as is.
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    I have multiple farms and believe the length of the path and the points to complete the pass is spot on. I tend to finish with about a week to go and that still gives me plenty of time to use the rewards earned. Perhaps if you're not satisfied with finishing the farm pass so early, you might consider creating another farm (if you haven't already).

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    I was disappointed the first time, but I'm used to it now. I just enjoy the active rewards such as extra dairy & sugar production
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