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Thread: Max th12 looking for new clan

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    Max th12 looking for new clan

    I am a maxed th12 with 1200+ war medals, just working on walls.
    Here is what I am looking for in a clan:
    Regular wars
    Promotions based on donations
    Super active
    Adult only
    My tag is #880YCL89L

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    Hey. I sent u an invite from my mini TH13 to the clan T E R R O R S elder is based on donations co leader is earned friendly active rest can be shown on our profile if u want to check us out

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    Hi Mario,

    I'd like to invite you to join our Clan Seattle #2RLVLJG. We are casually-competitive in the sense that we are generally all TH12+, max out Clan Games, and are competing in the Masters bracket in CWL. The clan wars twice a week searching on Fridays & Sundays. We are English speaking and on Discord at I will call out that we have a donation requirement per season and donations are not the driver of promotions in our clan, for us it's tenure. Please feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions to find out if we are a good fit for you!

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    Somewhere baking cakes and binge watching Netflix during quarantine
    ⚡Clan Tag: #8GUCQJY9
    ⚡Clan Level: Level 16
    ⚡Clan War League: Crystal League I

    **About Us**
    Hey there, welcome to InfinitDarkness! We're a serious and active war clan looking for players like you who love to war, chat, and have fun while we clash together! We're also a part of the InfinitUniverse Clan Family, so we have a great community of like minded clashers who support each other and want to help each other grow 🙂

    **What We Provide**
    ⚡Fun and exciting wars where anyone can participate!
    ⚡Max rewards in clan games & max donations
    ⚡Highly organized discord efficient for war planning & receiving the latest clash event updates.
    ⚡A friendly and supportive environment where we can joke around with each other and everyone is respected.

    **Requirements to Join**
    ⚡**Non-rushed** TH12+
    ⚡Active talkers and donators. It shows that we support each other and makes clashing enjoyable 🙂
    ⚡Friendly and enthusiastic players
    ⚡Strong and reliable attackers

    **Clan/War Rules**
    ⚡War is optional but all members are encouraged to participate.
    ⚡Discord is required. This is where we discuss strategy, share bases, and our co-leader Dawn shares awesome gifs 🎉
    ⚡All members must meet a minimum of 1000 points in clan games.

    **Well that sounds awesome! How can I join?**
    ⚡You can join in game where you'll be asked to join our discord:
    ⚡Want to get to know us better before joining? Or maybe you're looking to join one of our sister clans. You can join the discord too, so come check us out!

    Hope to see you soon!

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    Hi Chief!

    I'm Cozz. We are -Rogue Family- tag #UUCUY2QR and -Rogue CWL- tag #229RULLRL

    I would love for you to join us. We are an adult English speaking clan with international players. Based in the USA. We focus on our players, help improve and learn attacks.

    We are an experienced, amateur, and newbie clashers. We have 3 clans we play in for B2B Wars, Clan Games, CWL (see info below clan tags). We have a 4th to play normal wars while playing in CWL. Players can play both even while in cwl. This way all our players get full medals, stars and extra loot for upgrades. We max out every clan games and make it easy for our players to finish.

    We use discord for our clan communications, announcements, events, and update references.


    ��-Rogue Family- tag #UUCUY2QR
    TH11-TH14 : CWL=TH11-TH14 : B2B Wars/CG/CWL
    Clan link:

    ��-Rogue CWL- tag #229RULLRL
    TH9-TH10+ : TH10+ expanding : CWL=TH10-LOW TH11 can include high TH11+ : B2B Wars/CG/CWL : Multiple accounts
    Clan link:

    �� ^FlyingRogues^ tag #C8YQGGG9
    TH2-TH8+: All TH levels can participate : multiple accounts, rushed and engineers. CWL / CG /B2B WARS
    Clan link:

    Let us know you from forum. Thanks

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    Cultured People

    Tired of not being in a guild?
    Tired of not having a girlfriend?
    I can help you with the first thing.
    Whisper me for an invite to Cultured People today,
    to start getting those troops.

    Who are we?
    We are a group of people who came back after 2 years,
    started our own clan a month ago.

    About our clan:
    Level 5<-
    Members: 40/50<-
    War frequency: Always (not mandatory)<-
    CWL: Gold II<-
    Clan Games: 80k/90k points<-
    And we have OUR OWN discord server<-
    Language: English<-

    What do we want from you?
    Non-rushed Town Hall<-
    Preferred minimum TH9<-
    Daily activity<-
    To donate troops IF you can<-
    And to speak English<-

    -Inactive people will be kicked out-

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    We're a clan in a rebuild stage were level 8 and we would love to have you we are always in war and are especially looking for active war members hopefully you'll check us out

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    Oregon USA

    We host TWO separate 15vs15 CWLs:

    First 15vs15 CWL:
    ▬▬▬▬ GLIDE CLASH ▬▬▬▬
    Clan level 12 || Masters League 3
    Recruiting TH12+ for July CWL
    Required Trophies: 1200 | 1200

    Second 15vs15 CWL in our extension Clan:
    ▬▬▬▬ MEC PENGUINS ▬▬▬▬
    Clan level 11 || Gold League 3
    Required Trophies: Not set

    After CWL in Glide Clash we offer:
    3 Clan Wars/week
    (Green shields in & red shields out)
    Wars are often planned!

    We are an international, English speaking, competitive War Clan.

    We provide maxed Clan Games and a friendly environment where we give constructive criticism on attacks!

    For a complete overview of our Clan & a listing of our rules & expectations come visit us on our thread:
    Join us on Discord:

    Send an in-game request to join or message us on Discord with your ID & we’ll invite you.

    We’ll be expecting you.
    Thanks & Clash on!

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