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    June 2021 Update - Full Patch Notes

    Hey Clashers,

    The full patch notes for the June 2021 Update can be found below. Not only do we have new levels for Defenses, Traps, and Troops, but we’ve also got a brand new Troop as well as an exciting new Super Troop! Additionally, we’ve got some really cool Quality of Life Improvements, game/balance changes, and bug fixes that are coming in this update.

    So without further ado, here’s what you can expect in the Clash of Clans June 2021 Update!

    New Troop: Dragon Rider

    • Favorite Target: Defenses
    • Damage Type: Single Target
    • Targets: Ground & Air
    • Housing Space: 25
    • Movement Speed: 20

    Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS Damage When Destroyed HP Training Cost Training Time
    1 NA NA 340 700 4100 22K Elixir 16m 40s*
    2 16M Elixir 15d 370 800 4500 25K Elixir 16m 40s*
    3 17.5M Elixir 17d 400 900 4900 28K Elixir 16m 40s*
    *Time based on single Barracks. Upgrading all Barracks will reduce training time.

    Dragon Rider becomes available to Town Hall 13 players when they upgrade their Barracks to level 15.

    Level 15 Barracks

    Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time HP Unlocks
    6M Elixir 11d 1150 Dragon Rider

    New Super Troop: Rocket Balloon

    • Boost Cost: 25,000 Dark Elixir
    • Favorite Target: Defenses
    • Damage Type: Area Splash
    • Targets: Ground
    • Housing Space: 8
    • Movement Speed: 12
    • Super Ability: Rocket Balloon has increased speed for the first 4 seconds after being deployed.

    Level DPS Damage When Destroyed HP Training Cost Training Time
    8 236 400 840 8800 Elixir 48s
    9 256 500 940 9600 Elixir 48s
    10 276 600 1040 10.4K Elixir 48s

    New Building Levels

    Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP
    Archer Tower 20 17.5M Gold 17d 140 1700
    Wizard Tower 14 18.2M Gold 18d 90 2900
    Air Defense 12 18M Gold 18d 480 1600

    New Trap Levels
    Trap Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS Area of Effect
    Giant Bomb 8 9M Gold 11d 400 4 Tiles
    Air Bomb 9 7M Gold 9d 290 3 Tiles

    50 More Level 15 Wall Segments
    In the June Update, Town Hall 14 players will have the ability to upgrade 50 more Wall segments to Level 15.

    New Troop Levels

    Troop Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP Training Cost Training Time
    Dragon 9 18.5M Elixir 18d 350 4500 26K Elixir 3m
    Balloon 10 18M Elixir 18d 276/352** 1040 6500 Elixir 30s
    Electro Dragon 5 19M Elixir 18d 360/630** 4800 44K Elixir 6m
    **Damage when destroyed

    Quality of Life Improvements:
    Army Composition Sharing

    • You can now share your saved armies as well as your previously used army to Clan chat or as a link you can share outside the game, just like base links. Players using the link can copy the army composition to one of their own Quick Train slots.
    • Army links never expire!
    • You can now copy armies between your own Quick Train slots in case you want to make slight modifications to each army list, without the need to manually recreate it again.

    Village Rotation

    • Yes, you read that right! You can now rotate your Village in 90 degree increments while in Village Edit mode. ‘Nuff said.
    • Note: Rotating your Village will trigger the layout cooldown timer.

    Customizable. Deployment. Bar. Sizes.

    • Under the “More Settings” you’ll find a new option called “Deployment Bar Size”. This slider bar will allow you to manually adjust the size of the Deployment Bar according to your preference.
    • The “Use Extended Deployment Bar” option previously available to tablet players has been combined into this option and has been renamed, “Use Two Rows” for added clarity.

    Game/Balance Changes & Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where defensive Builders would get stuck on Hidden Teslas
    • Defending Builders will now properly retreat to their ruined Hut when it’s destroyed instead of just vanishing
    • Make the defending Builders stick to their target until it’s fully repaired. This also fixes the problem of getting no repair done inside a high level Poison spell
    • Royal Champion’s Seeking Shield ability will no longer target defensive Builders
    • Force retarget for jumping and flying Pets if their assigned Hero is knocked out and the Pet is attacking a wall
    • Force retarget for Mighty Yak if it's helping the Hero to destroy a wall and the Hero is knocked out or targets something else
    • Healers will no longer target Unicorn


    • New Season Pass and Clan Games Tasks:

      • Sasquatch Watch - Win Multiplayer Battles using Yeti
      • Heads Will Roll - Win Multiplayer Battles using Headhunter
      • Champion Level Hunter - Knock out X levels of Royal Champion
      • Scatter Blaster - Destroy X Scattershots in Multiplayer Battles
      • Unhappy Camper - Destroy X Army Camps in Multiplayer Battles
      • Builder Basher - Destroy X Builder's Huts in Multiplayer Battles
      • Village Villain - Destroy X Town Halls in Multiplayer Battles

    • Cost of Level 5 Elixir Collector reduced from 3500 to 3000 to match Gold Mine's level 5 cost (they are now the same cost at every level)
    • Let players with Town Hall 3 and 4 use the Quick Army screen
    • Multiplayer Clan Games tasks will now only work in Multiplayer Battles once again. Sorry Goblin Maps!


    • Add horizontal scroll indicators to the Laboratory screen
    • An army's training time is now shown on the Quick Army screen

      • The housing + spell space indicators were removed to make space for this but a notification badge on the Edit button will let you know when an army is incomplete

    • The Friendly Army is now shown and edited on the Quick Army screen. It is no longer edited from More Settings
    • When editing a Quick Army you can now include any Super Troops where you have the required level on the original troop and not only Super Troops that have you currently active
    • Hide locked buildings from player profile village thumbnails
    • Show indicator in Friendly War screen layout button if the Friendly War layout is missing buildings
    • Always show Friendly War layout when opening the FW layout selection menu instead of showing active war base or active home layout in case FW layout is empty
    • Show war scenery in previously used Friendly War layout thumbnail
    • Show war scenery in previously used Friendly Challenge war layout thumbnail
    • No longer show wrong previous layout when creating Friendly Challenge if the previous layout was war layout and it would have overlapping obstacles. The client incorrectly assumed that obstacles would invalidate a war layout
    • Season Pass tasks that only require 1 Troop in Battles now read as "Use Archers to Win X Multiplayer Battles"


    • Fix visual glitch in level 5 Eagle Artillery when it's shooting.
    • Use correct graphics for level 3 Builder's Hut in the 12 o'clock position.

    Additional Bug Fixes

    • Power Potion description text fixed to no longer mention boosting spells twice. Thanks to all the many, many people who let us know about this
    • Do not reduce battle timer of challenge levels to 3 minutes if you start the battle by deploying multiple troops at once
    • Fix bug from remove all tool in layout editor. In some cases when there are over 500 objects on the map, all of them were not properly removed which may result in failures when trying to save the village later
    • Fix the bug which would sometimes put stashed decorations back to the map when saving the active layout in the layout editor
    • Allow swapping of buildings without layout cooldown also when editing active layout in layout editor
    • Always save the layout when clicking save for non-active layouts. Earlier the layout editor would not save the layout if it has invalid placements for buildings. Now wrongly placed buildings are automatically moved to stash when saving
    • If an obstacle is blocking a decoration in one of the 3 home layouts, show the obstacle icon properly when selecting layouts. Earlier usage of the layout would just fail without an explanation
    • Allow editing of Friendly Army while visiting the Builder Base
    • Do not show the range indicator when placing a new Builder's Hut. It's not weaponized.
    • Clean up Builder Base troops properly after each attack. Prevents extra troops in rare cases where the game server disconnects during an attack
    • Show boosted level badge for pets in battle end screen when Hero Potion is active
    • Show remaining builder boost time also for Builder's Huts which are under upgrade
    • Show remaining star bonus boost time in Town Hall (from the previous Town Hall upgrade) even if it's under upgrade
    • Show boost effect for Builder's Huts and Town Hall when they are under upgrade if the boost is active anyway
    • Make Inferno Towers visually target Unicorn instead of targeting the air above the Unicorn
    • Fixes and improvements to move all tool in layout editor

      • Refresh all wall connections after moving the village
      • No longer cancel wall rotations which are done just before moving the village
      • Allow usage of the tool even if Builder Base wall segment is selected
      • Deselect any selected wall pieces when moving the village
      • In case the movement button is disabled because one of the objects is too close to the edges, highlight the object which is preventing the movement when the button is pressed

    • Fixed heroes occasionally doing 360 turns during attacks
    • Fix the new content badge continuing to show on the Esports tab in some cases where the content has been read
    • Clan description max length is 250 characters both when creating a clan and editing the description later (used to be 128 on creation and 250 when editing)
    • Increase Drop Ship death damage on levels 10-11 and levels 14-15 to fix inconsistency between special ability info and the actual death damage
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    Nice QoL changes
    Copy army Composition, Rotation, deployment bar customisation all 3 are great in my pov.

    Assuming this would be my last comment on sneak peeks on forums :'(
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    Lots and Lots of stuff.

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    Wow. Looking forward to the update. Some good QoL changes.

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    Rotating base option, probably the best QoL addition here. Seen it requested so many times, very happy to see it here.

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    More excited for update and rotate my village 🙃😁

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    Awesome qol changes 😍

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    Note: Rotating your Village will trigger the layout cooldown timer.

    Any reason why? If nothing else has changed, it offers a quick and fun option for base builders to see how it impacts an attacker, and doesn't really spoil the original intention of the cooldown which was to prevent people from building and simulating war attacks before war day ended.
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    Sorry for spoiling your celebrations, but this will be the last sneak peek of forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotshot007 View Post

    to see how it impacts an attacker
    This is exactly the reason why the cooldown exists, for any changes.
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