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    Copying army to own Quick army slots - this one was very much needed to me.
    Lvl 5 elixir collector costs 3000 - now it makes sense. Thanks for that one.
    Customisable 'Deployment bar size' - That's something great. Now we have to figure out which size suits which of the army

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post

    Customizable. Deployment. Bar. Sizes

    Can we increase size of deployment bar to the TOP?

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    Base rotation is the best qol improvement of this update.

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    Small "Nerf" to Royal Champion I see
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    And it's telling me that things are not the same
    Copy Army. My QoL suggestion .

    I know I have good ideas sometimes . Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid-V-Kat View Post
    Can we increase size of deployment bar to the TOP?
    Check YouTube videos that got just posted by creators
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    1. Was hoping for Pets to be boosted with Research Potion after the update.

    2. Love the Dragon Rider and Rocket Balloon.

    3. Some nice QoL, especially Army Copy links and base rotation.

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    Glad to see the super troop change to quick army!

    Any indication whether the rotate village feature applies to builder base too?? Hope so...

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    I find it interesting how “allowing swapping of buildings” doesn’t trigger a cooldown, but rotating (nice feature) does.... I guess if you copy a base off the internet people may not recognise it as easily if it’s flipped ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaquinaOvalle View Post
    •Royal Champion’s Seeking Shield ability will no longer target defensive Builders

    Small "Nerf" to Royal Champion I see
    Yeah that's an interesting change. Is it actually a nerf? Any ideas why this will be changed?
    This update seems very small. I kinda had high expectations since supposedly 2021 will have a lot of big changes (referring to old ama's). Regardless, I appreciate this update. I'm most excited about the air attacks once the rocket loon and dragon rider is released.
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