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Thread: Chill (Bunny) Derby Relax and earn rewards

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    Chill (Bunny) Derby Relax and earn rewards

    Chill (Bunny) Derby - Relax and earn rewards

    Chances are that the next time Chill (Bunny) Derby comes, there will be no more a forum for you to get answers from your favorite AdvoCat.
    This is the last time for me to share what I understand about this Chill Derby, so you will not be confused anymore. Observations are made till the last Chill Bunny Derby on 30th March 2021. It does not include any changes introduced after Spring update (April 2021).

    There is no racing against other Neighborhoods, no ranking, and no promotion or demotion.
    All players can complete 5 tasks daily, and all tasks have the same points and all of them are easy. You also have a chance to reach 3 additional reward thresholds. Tasks will stay on the board for 24hrs. Once you complete a task, it will go back to the board, but the time will not be reset.
    You cannot trash tasks from the board.
    Every day you can buy an extra task using 2 diamonds.


    1. Task on the board can be completed multiple times
    All tasks during Chill Derby are the same type of 50pts-task that can be observed in normal derby.
    Task cannot be trashed from the board. They look different, no longer a single task like in other derbies but as a stack of 5 tasks. A counter of available task appears at its top right corner. This counter appears as 5/5 in the beginning, decreases when a task is taken and increases when an ongoing task is completed. It is said that the task goes back to the board once completed.
    In other words, it means that task from the same stack can only be taken simultaneously by maximum 5 different derby players (counter = 0/5). If the 6th player wants the same task, they need to wait for any ongoing task to return to the stack once completed (counter = 1/5).
    There is no limit of how many times a task can be taken by any player as long as no more than 5 of the same tasks are going on simultaneously. A player may take multiple tasks from the same stack.

    2. When do new tasks appear?
    Tasks will only appear if and only if a neighbor comes online and will last for 24 hours. They do not necessarily start at the same time as Derby start at 08:00 UTC.
    When derby starts at 08:00 UTC, if the entire hood is offline, no task is available. Then, for example, when the first member comes online 10h later at 18:00 UTC, then the 24-hour lifetime of these tasks will only start at 18:00 UTC and will run till 18:00 UTC of the next day.
    The next day, these tasks expired at 18:00 UTC. If the entire hood is offline, new tasks will not appear till a member comes online. When a member comes online at 19:00 UTC, tasks appear and run for another 24-hour till 19:00 UTC of the next day.
    At any time, player can tap on a task to see its info including remaining time.

    3. When to take a task (Daily quota)?
    Daily quota! Yes, that’s right! Each member can take a maximum of 35 tasks during Chill Derby, 5 each day and an extra task with diamonds. Task not used at the end of the day will be lost.
    When does the day start and end? At 00:00 UTC, 8 hours before the start of Derby, which can create a lot of confusion if player does not understand the different timeline of daily quota and task duration.
    Each day (from 00:00 UTC to 00:00 UCT of the next day), each player can do 5 tasks + 1 extra task. During a period of 6 days * 24h (starting from 8:00 UTC) we can do a total of 35 tasks: Tuesday (16h), Wednesday (24h), Thursday (24h), Friday(24h), Saturday (24h), Sunday (24h) and Monday (8h).
    If a task is ongoing when daily quota resets, player is still able to complete it and earn the points but cannot take more task from the expired quota.
    At any time, player can tap and hold on the task counter "Available task: xx/yy" to see remaining quota and time.

    4. My daily quota already reset but why not derby task on the board?
    Daily quota and derby task have different timeline, they do not necessarily reset at the same time. See above for details.
    The confusion comes from the fact that most players are online at derby start, thus their board is refreshed right away with new tasks consistently. The time mismatch is easier to observe in small hood when there can be long offline period.

    5. What if Bunny comes?
    The number of Bunny Task required is higher in Chill Derby, but their arrival time stays the same. As a reminder, they come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. See my Bunny Derby guide for details.
    To optimize Bunny Task, you can prepare the task before Bunny Times and wait till after Bunny had come to complete them. Remember that daily quota will not carry over to the next day. If daily quota expired before the next Bunny arrival, you would have to take them as normal task (on Tuesday or Thursday).

    6. Is Chill Derby worth it?
    Chill Derby rewards from their 15 columns do not have the same pool prize as other Derby types. That means the reward pattern is different and there is no decoration available.
    Observed so far, if eligible: blueprint in 10th column, permit in 15th column, puzzle piece in 13th and 15th column. Those items are not available in other columns. Save your diamonds if you feel like shuffling for something that is not there.
    - Blueprint: has less than 15 in storage
    - Puzzle piece: has not completed the Sanctuary book (necessary but not sufficient condition)
    - Permit: has not enough to unlock all available land

    During Chill Bunny Derby, the 3 extra columns from Bunny Rewards are possible. with same rules as other Bunny derbies.

    Thanks for reading, feel free to leave comments in this thread if it is still not clear.
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