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Thread: TH10 Looking for active clan non rushed

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    TH10 Looking for active clan non rushed

    My names Ben and Iíve been at th10 about a week now fully maxed th9 even heroes Iím a strong attacker last cwl in G1 16 out of 21 stars and I was hitting higher ths so Iím strong looking for a active clan that I will get in the line up for I donít want no new clans Iím looking for a established clan. QC 32 BK 31 ID: 2CCPCG8LP

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    Invite sentÖ

    Do you even? | Spicewood Nexus clans
    Weíre looking for low key, no drama, friendly people who take the game seriously, solid attackers or those who want help to get there. We war frequently. We donate freely so that everyone can improve. We get after Clan Games. CWL bonuses are distributed so that the entire clan improves and gets stronger.

    Stop by and tell them Goatman sent you.

    Do you even? | #88Y9LGUJ | Lvl 22
    For Town Hall 13 & 14 only, weíd like to see good hero levels and war experience.
    CWL: 30v30 Master II

    Spicewood Nexus | #Q2VL2V08 | Lvl 9
    For Town Hall 8 & up
    We have two town hall 13ís as anchors.
    CWL: 30v30 Gold III

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    Cultured People

    Tired of not being in a guild?
    Tired of not having a girlfriend?
    I can help you with the first thing.
    Whisper me for an invite to Cultured People today,
    to start getting those troops.

    Who are we?
    We are a group of people who came back after 2 years,
    started our own clan a month ago.

    About our clan:
    Level 5<-
    Members: 43/50<-
    War frequency: Always (not mandatory)<-
    CWL: Gold II<-
    Clan Games: 80k/90k points<-
    And we have OUR OWN discord server<-
    Language: English<-

    What do we want from you?
    Non-rushed Town Hall<-
    Preferred minimum TH9<-
    Daily activity<-
    To donate troops IF you can<-
    And to speak English<-

    -Inactive people will be kicked out-

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