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Thread: I think I've finally worked out why Builder Baser socks

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    I think I've finally worked out why Builder Baser socks

    Bear with me. I know the topic has been discussed to death. But because Gold Pass I'm finding myself playing it again, and with time to think about it. The very widespread dislike for it ( I know it has some fans, but *nobody* in my clan likes it, except for easy mission points) is mildly surprising because it has some positives (simpler fights, quicker fights, troops management is how Main Base should do it...).

    I know lack of "social" (no wars) is probably an issue. Also the unavoidable 50:50 win:loss ranking mechanics. But what's been bothering me as I trudge through my daily attacks is that I can't get a feel about whether I'll win or not. On 2 levels:
    1- I can't grok whether my attack will be good or not. I sometimes high-2* bases I expected to 0* (and the reverse :-[ ). That's partly a reflection on my skill, but not fully, I think fights are less readable.
    2- anyway what I score on that base, and what I expect to score on that base, are irrelevant because it all depends on what the other guys scores on mine, and I have 0 control and 0 visibility on that.
    This prevents me from getting invested in fights, and thus in the BB in general. Maybe it's my "frustration avoidance" psychology, but I think almost everyone has that "let's not open myself to disappointment" mechanics. Strongly.

    And this does not happen on the Main Base side. Even in War, what the other scores on me has a much more indirect impact; in farming it has none at all. I can thus set and generally meet expectations (and for some reasons those will more often be right, too).

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    Main reasons why BB is trash in my opinion:

    1) Nobody asked for it, yet here it is
    2) It was overhyped by everyone, yet itís not good, not as nearly good as it could have been
    3) Battle machine and everything about it (AI, pathing, upgrade times, elixir cost, etcÖ)
    4) Loot paywall
    5) Overly high requirements to get the sixth builder
    6) Lack of diversity (attack compositions, base building)
    7) It was promised itíll be completely optional, but itís not (6th builder is huge advantage to have)
    8) Walls
    9) Ignored by devs as even they donít know what to do with it
    10) waiting for opponent to finish his attack (with sneaky archers)

    Main reasons why BB is somewhat bearable in my opinion:

    1) Ability to finish clan games within few hours
    2) Gem mine
    3) Obstacles from which I can get gems
    4) Night theme
    5) Clock tower

    Main things that could be improved:

    1) Pathing
    2) AI
    3) Walls
    4) Removing the requirements for the sixth builder
    5) Take all thatís good in BB, bring it to TH, and scrap that experiment.

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    #10 used to be most frustrating when you had a clock tower boost and they didn’t. At least troops and the BM don’t need training and heal time now

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    I think I know why you, as well as mostly everyone, canít predict fights. I have observed the A.I for the troops and they just arenít it, they are ridiculous and it honestly seems like they havenít been given the same attention or at least the attention it deserves. If there was a balancing update on the troops themselves it could give players a more of a feel as to how to use each troops

    Examples of troop A.I; the battle machines changed targets multiple times (targets guards, un-targets them, repeat) which makes the guards too op or the battle machine useless; the same thing can happen to other melee troops in my experience but the battle machine happens more frequently and is the most frustrating

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