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Thread: Drill Magic Item

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    Drill Magic Item

    The builders use drills for smashing through build times. Drill magic items cut days off building times. Could use cwl medals to buy, put in clan games, or on village boundaries. Could tie days saved in build time by the number of builders being kept busy for a season perhaps. Could even send a new creature like a monkey or rabbit to fetch them in the village boundaries once or twice per month based on TH level. Could likely come up with other alternatives to hammers as builders use a variety of tools like sanders, drills, speed square. Could also use wizard like items to speed up research in labs such as rings or wands.

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    Gold pass, builder potions, books, hammers. All of these take time off. You could probably manage these items a bit more and be better off. Any time a new magic item is added, the older magic items have to become more rare than they are currently and theres many magic items I would like to be able to get especially when you're basically asking for a stronger builder potion.

    The idea to make it effective for the whole season is even less likely and I would like to point you once again to the gold pass for a similar effect.

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    Sounds like he created a completely new game.

    Adapt, appreciate, and own up to what you have.

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