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    June 2021 Update - Sneak Peek #1 - New Levels

    Hey Chief,

    Summer is here and you know what that means! Sunshine, BBQs, beaches...well...if youre in the northern hemisphere (sorry to those south of the Equator). But it also means SNEAK PEEKS for the Clash of Clans June Update!

    To kick off our preview of the June Update, were going to dive right in starting with new Building and Troop levels! Thats right, its time to buff those defenses and strengthen those troops because weve got some upgrades coming.

    New Building Levels
    Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP
    Archer Tower 20 17.5M Gold 17d 140 1700
    Wizard Tower 14 18.2M Gold 18d 90 2900
    Air Defense 12 18M Gold 18d 480 1600
    Barracks 15 6M Elixir 11d NA 1150

    New Trap Levels

    Trap Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS Area of Effect
    Giant Bomb 8 9M Gold 11d 400 4 Tiles
    Air Bomb 9 7M Gold 9d 290 3 Tiles

    50 More Level 15 Wall Segments
    In the June Update, Town Hall 14 players will have the ability to upgrade 50 more Wall segments to Level 15.

    New Troop Levels
    Troop Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP Training Cost Training Time
    Dragon 9 18.5M Elixir 18d 350 4500 26K Elixir 3m
    Balloon 10 18M Elixir 18d 276/352* 1040 6500 Elixir 30s
    Electro Dragon 5 19M Elixir 18d 360/630* 4800 44K Elixir 6m
    *Damage when destroyed

    That wraps up Sneak Peek #1 for the June Update, but dont worry there is plenty more in the coming days. Well see you tomorrow as we rocket towards our next preview!

    AKA Tank Puppy

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    New Troooopppppp

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    Yay! Sneak peek

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    Dang it. Hybrid troops could still use some love.
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    Really pushing air attacks. New troop on way with extra barrack level!
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    😁. 😍

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    Looks like a new dragon is coming
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    Dragons, finally!!

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    Wohooo dragons
    Doesn't that look like Mechagodzilla
    More like Robotic-Trained Dog
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    New troop, really excited, seems like a dragon type troop, but might be ground as well.
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