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Thread: TH14 looking for a clan

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    TH14 looking for a clan

    I'm a Town hall 14
    xp level- 40

    Barbarian king level 2
    Archer queen level 4
    Grand Warden level 3
    Royal Champion level 1

    All walls level 3, 1 whole month of hard earned experience in playing the game.

    I like to get 100 points in clan games and claim all the rewards.

    I usually attack the bottom most opponent in war and cwl, and will usually miss my attacks if I feel too bored to attack.

    I am very experienced in using the 'jump spell & wallbreaker' strategy.

    I usually request around 50,000 troops and donate around 5 troops per season.

    If you give me co leader I will probably kick most of the elders and members out when you're not watching.

    Let me know of you want such a veteran new member (me) for your clan

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    Haha, we all cannot wait to recruit you 🙂

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    search up "boston bruisers, leader is mr mumblez. great clan, minimum donation wat time, many high level players with awesome personalities

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    Hilarious OP! Best post I have seen in a while. Thanks for the chuckle.
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    Lv 4 clan Brother's. Active donation. If you like join

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