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Thread: My account get scammed but i can't retreive it back

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    Exclamation My account get scammed but i can't retreive it back

    hey everyone, i'm a th10 maxed player and already played coc since 2015. 3 days ago my account get scammed by someone i didn't know and he changed my account name from $spent$ to some spaces and symbols. my tag is [Removed By Moderator] if you would like to find out. He moved my village from my supercell id to his id so that when i want to log in, i still get the verification code in my gmail but after i put in the code from my gmail the game wouldn't let me in. I tried to reach supercell support but there aren't any replies and the in-game help and support where you talk to a robot and it ask your name, th level, clan name, and tag id but i couldn't since the hacker changed my name into spaces and symbol that i can't write. i really need some help to retrieve my account back thank you very much (sry for my bad english)
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    No one here has power to help you, but i can give you advice.

    if you re-read your post you will see that your tag was redacted by a mod. can you guess why? thats sensitive information. and you freely gave that out.

    number 2, you seemed to have left out what kind of scam you took part in. my guess is you tried to use a free gem or other base-boosting website that was not the in-game shop.

    There Is no 3rd-Party Site That Is Not A Scam

    And even on the off chance you come across one that isnt, supercell has many, many ways to find out where your gems or base boosters come from.

    If you read the TOS, you will find that using such sites breaks the TOS, and supercell takes using these things very, very seriously and usually permanently bans those users from using any supercell game permanently.

    your lucky you actually have a small chance you can get your account back. i would contact supercell support that your account was phished.

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    Depending on the scam, you've been played. Idk what else to tell you.

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