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Thread: Pets in Clash of Clans

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    Pets in Clash of Clans

    How have pets changed/added to the game for people who have achieved Townhall 14 and have pets? Do you have any strategies that you've learnt or want to share from attacks in multiplayer and war? Do you have any annoyances? Which pet is your favourite (if you have one) and least favourite (if you have one)?

    Please leave a comment below, answering any questions you have. Thank you very much!
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    Electro owl to warden and lassi to queen, yak to RC and unicorn to king(As per me)
    upgrading them 1 at a time - not an annoyance , but inconvenient(As per me)
    I like them all

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    Why yak to RC? It seems like those two don't synergize well. Wouldn't lassi or unicorn be better?

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    My warden now has less anxiety when set to air.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerMinus Prime View Post
    Electro owl to warden and lassi to queen, yak to RC and unicorn to king(As per me)
    upgrading them 1 at a time - not an annoyance , but inconvenient(As per me)
    I like them all
    Which army composition are you using that a hero able to jump over walls would need Yak?

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    Cant wait for the next pet. It must be a cat!

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    I think pets definitely add something to the overall offense. I think SC did not fully account for them since they're not heroes and we have nothing like a Pet Book to use when upgrading them, but I suppose we can be thankful they do not require a builder, which also distinguishes them from Heroes. Only being to upgrade one at a time is rather annoying as well.

    I would have to agree with others above. The RC and GW can jump walls so to me, using one of the 2 pets with them that can jump walls - Lassi or Unicorn, or the pet that can fly - Owl make the most sense with these 2 heroes. I don't suppose I've thought much about the Yak with the RC just because that combination seems more limited.
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    "Scraps" and "Horny" are my favourites (LASSI and Unicorn) unicorn is a great healer and my queen says ever since she showed up it reminded her of when she was a little girl and empowered her releasing her inner child. Scraps loves my champion they work so well together and my Champ is a bit of a tomboy she loves thowing the stick for her mechanical puppy (sometimes she fetches it before he can racing him to the stick). "Bump" is a big meathead he's probably my least favourite pet as he just goes running at walls and dies pretty quickly if I put him with anyone except my king who seems to like him maybe because they are both big meatheads together. 'Ele' is a wize owl and a flyer my warden finds its glowing eyes very usefull when hes staying up late reading his eternal tome. Ele is kinda standoffish of the other pets and heros. As they are regailling there stories of victory, much like Grand warden, she wouldn't give a hoot.
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    Just recently got the 4th. Always 1 upgrading and so tend to move them around a bit. Presently unicorn on Queen, Lassi on King, Owl on Champion. Warden and yak upgrading.

    So far I like them, they haven't effected my attacks or there success. I'm a 2-3 attacks a day guy with usually a ground attack with bat clean up. Maybe once they all have more levels they will effect things even more.

    I'm more of a defensive minded guy. Personally I think pets and other offensive gains are more than the defensive gains. But this is just the first stage of TH14.

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    Queen doesnt work well with Owl. Ussualy owl dies quickly near first air defence. Yak or Lassi will usually die quickly charging in. This is if your using Queen charge. Unicorn is also bad for with queen, cause it stays really close to her and dies from splash in the first 30 seconda for sure. But you got to put one on Queen so Unicorn seems the best chice out of 4 bad choices

    Royal can use only Lassi. Yak will stay stuck in walls forever following the Royal, while she jumps and advances far. Owl doesnt work with Royal also, cause it dies from air defences before the Royal can kill them. Unicorn is slow as a snail and will just remain far behind from the start.

    King works with Yak better, cause it can get through walls.

    Warden works with Owl only caude he stays behind better then other heroes.

    So, to summarise:
    King - Yak
    Royal - Lassi
    Warden - Owl
    Queen - nothing works ( unicorn ? )

    Also worth mentioning people said pets like Yak might steal healera from the Queen. I havent tried it.

    How good are pets ? Not great, quite weak. They barely do anything to be honest. I dont have them maxed but at level 5 i got them.

    My experience is with them in Legend league at 5600 trophy. Not sure how it will be when they are level 10.
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