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    Lightbulb Delete All Troops Button on Training Page

    Hello All,

    First post here. I made this account so I can get out this sole idea.

    Please add Delete All Troops button on the training page for troops that you have que'ed up behind your active army. For years, instead of always having two armies, I use my main que as my active army, and then my 2nd que for frequent donations.

    For example, I see clan members always requesting the same things. They request Hogs, Yeti, Valk, and some people have little things like Barbs, Gobs, etc... I have a quick train button for all these so each time I log in I can quickly donate everyone out of my que'ed up army..

    However, usually there is an excess of troops since my mates have already filled everything. Then I click delete one by one before I send my attack, or else the random assortment of troops will be moved to my active army and become non-refundable. Manually deleting troops one by one when you have 30 or 40 troops que'ed really puts a damper on my day before each of my 8 legends attacks (:

    There is a boost button on this page, however, right to the left of this boost button, there can be Delete All Troops Que'ed button <3

    This feature would save me so much time, while also helping out my fellow clan mates with quick and affordable donations (rather than having to gem). Also, this would help if you change your mind on what attack you want to send next!

    If you got to this point in the post, I appreciate you reading all the way to the bottom.

    Co-Leader of Steal Your Glory top 100 USA Clan.
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    +1 for this idea. Its so frustrating deleting troops 1 by 1.

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    Great idea. I agree 10/10

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    I'll second this idea.

    It only saves a few seconds, but that adds up over time, and it feels longer.

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    Yeah that's a good idea.
    Tbh, if I'm a bit bored i use it on the first level of the single player goblins map.
    I think this idea will save a few minutes of player's life lol.

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    Great idea! It would just be a quality of life improvement.

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