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Thread: Does the poison spell work on the builders themselves?

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    Does the poison spell work on the builders themselves?

    Now with the builder huts getting upgraded to act as a weapon and to allow the builder to repair buildings near their hut that are under attack, does the poison spell affect them?

    I did an attack recently and dropped a poison spell on a builder as he was repairing a building, but I couldn't tell if it affected him or not.

    Also, I think the builders ought to be given hit points so that they can be attacked by troops and so that spells affect them too.
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    From what I've read, their speed gets reduced with poison, and stopped with freeze. Doesn't damage them
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    "Although Builder himself cannot be dealt damage nor can he be targeted by attacking Troops, he CAN be targeted by offensive Spells. Poison and Freeze Spells will slow/halt him from repairing nearby buildings. Lightning Spell will cause him to reset his repair target".

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