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Thread: Looking for a neighborhood

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    Looking for a neighborhood

    Looking for a new neighborhood, partners for old one have stopped playing.

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    🐚🌲Shells Farms #YYPYG89Y is a neighbourhood made up of experienced players and we are looking for ✨derby players✨at ✨level 90+✨ to help and be helped by our higher level players!

    🌿At the moment we have 26 members up to level 188. We are in Champions league.

    🙏 All members are made elders on joining

    Group rules:
    🐝 Be kind
    🐝 Help out other members
    🐝 Opt out of derby if you can't achieve the minimum task requirement that week
    🐝 Use chat and requests to help others and ask for help yourself
    🐝 You can trade with members in-game, no trading with members on other platforms
    🐝 Baby hood for baby farms

    Derby rules:
    🐎Play 7 / 320+ point tasks (or equiv according to derby type - details are posted on the neighborhood notifications before derby)
    🐎 All tasks taken at 320+
    🐎 Opt out of derby if you can't play minimum derby tasks that week and tell a leader or co-leader so they can check your derby status.
    🐎 Ask for help if you need it
    🐎 Communicate if there's a reason you can't complete your derby tasks
    🐎 Trash tasks that are less than 320 points
    🐎 No time minimum to complete your tasks other than the end of the derby
    🐎 Bonus task is optional
    🐎 Members will be removed before end of derby for not following rules (after discussion with the member where possible)

    🌍 Members are English speaking and from all over the world, so people are active at all times of day and night which helps gameplay and requests

    🤸 Looking for daily active, friendly and helpful people to join and make the game even more fun playing together

    😇 If you are friendly 🤗, active and helpful you will fit in well! We'd love to have you! #YYPYG89Y.

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    can you tell us what level you are ?

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    Hi. I am new to the game,and I am in need of neighbors.

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