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Remembering the creation date is required to encounter the support and to verify yourself as the owner when there arises issues like account recovery, email change, etc. But my question is how much logical is it to ask that creation date? Now, it's something which has to be remembered for all the years you'll be playing this game.

In reality, remembering this isn't easy I would guess. Unless you possess a extraordinary memory, I believe a large group of people out there won’t memorise their account creation date. I wonder how many people played the game since the beginning knowing that it requires to note down the creation date to be used someday in future.

Yeah, no one would disagree that it plays a vital role to protect an account from being stolen, but what's gonna happen if someone really can't remember that date or when they created though they are the real owner? People now even forget the birthdays of their near and dear ones, children forget homeworks(when they had to go to school). So how would they remember the account creation date of that game which they downloaded years ago? Were they really supposed to remember that? Were they really concerened about this when they were just trying out that game and later got attached?
On Android you don't have to remember. If you go to "Play Games" app it will show you all of the achievements for the email account your game is linked to. Just go to the oldest achievement which is upgrade a gold storage to lvl2 and that is your start date (unless you downloaded and didn't do the tutorial for a few days).