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    I recently read an ama ~2 years ago, and one question was about the 6th builder. Personally, I like the reason why it's difficult to obtain. But making it strictly obtainable in BB can be disappointing. If ever a 7th builder is released, I hope it has similar mechanics to otto, but done in the main village instead.
    This would have been perfect for the first go around if you ask me.. good riddance to the BB.. I only do my daily stars to grind my pass.. I do keep the lab churning out cause eventually those 1-3 wins a day add up. Gold goes into walls and my rushed turrets.. but its unnecessary IMO because the BB is pretty redundant. I further think this because they keep putting off future content upgrades for it..

    some clamor for it, but I may be in the minority thinking its a huge waste.. I play for the main villa period. much more fun and freedoms. they could have spun the builder base into its own game/platform like 'Trash Royal' for example it has the same Clash 'troop universe' mainly, but different mechanics and paradigms (I dont think it would be as successful obv, because I think it feels like a 'clash knock off' even though its in the same game... if you can understand where I am coming from).

    again I do not develop the game, I play it. and the builder base is a waste to me.. let alone all the time takes to earn the OTTO (6th builder)


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    It has been 2 months since TownHall 14 update.
    And we are getting a new update in few days 😀

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