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beyond my story, I also agree with the above. In addition, I also notice no improvement with my queen on open wall base. she still copes easily. getting so many funnel troops and spells for only qc in a box and keeping a little bit alive is just not possible. if one wants to make qc disappear here, especially in combination with hybrid and siege, then they have certainly succeeded. but a shame about this, again! Finally, I want to share my experience with you today. i was watching gaku live today and was asked why he quit hybrid. his answer was 'hybrid is dead' if a player like gaku says this, what should an average level player think of hybrid? settle for a low average score and this in a period when it is said that attack is stronger than defense. my request is please to make it all better possible, both the qc and the combination with hybrid. It is and remains a nice army to use at top level and legend. Please return the recovery!
Hybrid may be dead to players like Gaku, who expect to get 30% plus triples.

To an average player, it is still pretty good. When it was at its best for the top players, I was still only getting 2-3 triples a week with it (i'm averaging more like 1 a day now, which is the best I have ever done in LL).

For a player like me, if I can average more than 77% damage (all 2 stars) over a full day of LL attacks, I am doing well. I don't pretend to be a top payer, I nly ever inhabit the lower reaches of LL - usually finiashing around 5300 or a little higher.

But there are a LOT more player around at my sort of level than there are at Gaku level.