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Thread: Account Locked Trying To Unlock It But I Forgot Some Account Details

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    Account Locked Trying To Unlock It But I Forgot Some Account Details

    My account got locked while I was seeking for support regarding Supercell ID. For reasons, Supercell thinks I am not the owner of the account though I am and the only owner of the account and the only one playing it! Right now, I am super super afraid and confused, I spent hours and years on my account, and I just can't afford to lose it. Apparently, I found out I have provided some false information as I did not remember things correctly(is years ago)

    I was born in Shenzhen China, a Chinese citizen. In China, Supercell ID is not available, and only Tencent log in are available. I have moved to Germany for 4-5 years, and it is extremely annoying to log in my account using WeChat, so I contact Supercell support to find if I can remove the connection to my WeChat account, and move it to the new Email I created just for Clash of Clans. Then the agent said I need to verify whether I am the owner or not, so I provided the information I can all possibly remember(see account information)! Then the agent replied to me saying the information I provided does not fully prove my ownership! Afterward, the agent just does not respond to me anymore and I think he closed the conversation. I am using external support because I really need support, I have all the credential of my WeChat account.

    Right now, I am incredibly worried since I am the actual and original owner. TJF was not brought from others or was shared with other, I was with the account since the very beginning. However, when they asked details, I did not remember all, they said some are false, and now I have no idea what to do about the ownership. I tried my very best to remember, and I sent another mails out. Do you guys know what to do in this situation, I do not want to lost a account that I spent massive time in the past 6 years.

    I tried with my mini accounts trying to get it back, but was instantly banned and considered as PHISHING! In summary, I am literally locked from my account for phishing my own account for trying to recover it! Basically, Supercell locked my account saying I am not the owner while I was playing on it and asking for support.
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    Sad to hear but unfortunately no one on any forum is able to help you. Only ingame support may be able to help you and they doesnt work on any forum. You have to contact them in the game and if you cant provide the correct informations you will be locked out of your village forever.

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    Yes, I am able to prove my ownership just now! Thanks.

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