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Thread: With the soon demise of this forum let's post some memories of clash oddities!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMotator View Post
    I started clash right after clan war was added to the game. Who remembers when inclusion on war rosters was determined by trophy level. If you had 18 clan members, the top 15 by trophy level were in search. No option to opt out or in. We started new wars seconds after previous one ended. My second clan we started another clan to park accounts so they wouldn't be in search with heros upgrading. I started my second account to communicate with both clans.
    yup same. I started just before clan wars existed. Early clan wars took the top players as you said. Because there was no opt in or opt out you would be stuck with players in clan war that wouldnt play. That resulted in booting a lot of players to have a good war roster. But then in those days all you had to do was open your clan and you had 50 members in just minutes. Now I have given up trying to add new members and have about 30 in the clan.
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    I started playing CoC to look after ten year olds who made a clan and were too young. Back then, it was one account per device. The kids had iPods, which don't work anymore. I depended on bluestacks as my only available device. CoC was the driving reason to get a smartphone. Then an iPad.

    Sometimes I feel bad that I have never paid a cent to SuperCell. However, the kids did ...

    Seven years later, some of the kids are still playing in the clan, but more of the clan are adult relatives of the original kids.
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    How will we communicate the season obstacle challenges? I know, I know... there's going to an unofficial discord server, twitter, or facebook, or reddit, etc. It's not the same, but we'll see.... we'll see...

    For the record, this disabling of forums issue is not unique to Clash of Clans and should NOT signal CoC is dead. This is in fact a trend for all forums. Playstation, Tesla, IMDb, Activision and countless other shops are all shutting down their forums. Why? The industry blames social media, because when you're logged in, you're always logged in making it easy for users to engage everywhere.

    However, If SC really wanted to show some effort and try to keep forums active as they were 5 years ago, one major suggestion could be to integrate their Supercell ID into the account creation process of the forums. That's not what they want though, because they wouldn't be able to handle the demand. So, instead, they share some random data, something they've never done before, that has no context and say... goodluck.
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    Here some funny chat I picked up recently.
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    No CoC oddities I can think of but this is really the last forum-type of forum (like vbulletin style) that Iím on. They have all gone by the wayside.

    Iím going to miss typing /10char and in before the lock LOL

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