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Thread: when is clash quest supposed to come out?

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    when is clash quest supposed to come out?

    question in title

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    The date is not confirmed yet from what I understand

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    The Beta is already available provided you are within Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, or Iceland. As for other countries, such are betas. After the game is played and possibly refined in those test markets, only then will they decide if and when to do a global rollout. Keep in mind that many Supercell games never make it beyond Beta.

    So the answer is "At some unkown future date, or never"! They cannot determine a projected date for a rollout until they first determine if there will be a rollout.

    What you can do today ... Go to For each game that interest you, click the Sign Up button. They will then inform you as rollouts are planned!
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    OP, per tweet published by Clash Quest on May 6, 2021, Clash Quest is still in beta and is available for download in the Philippines.
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    I wonder why Philippines specifically. I thought I got access to it because I subscribed to the "notify me when the games are released". Is there an official site that shows how many downloads/active users each supercell games have in each country?
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