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    That may just work...

    Goodbye forums, I know you tried your best, darian.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GaMe ChAnGeR1 View Post
    Since there is now another forum for HayDay and it being a while since the closure of the CR forum(making it unlikely for any CR players to move from the CR subreddit to the new forum), wouldn't it be better to focus on a single game(Clash of clans) now and open the forum to other games once the activity picks up? That would also enable the movement of this thread to the clash of clans general subforum here where much more people are likely to see it and join the new forum. That might also explain the difference in traffic between this and the other new forum(HayDay).
    Is it too late to change the name from Supercell Unofficial Forums to Just Clash of Clans? Just kidding.

    Chilepepper, I think it's a good idea to focus your new platform on just CoC to attract players who play only CoC. And like GaMe ChAnGeR suggested, then you may request a Forum Moderator to move this thread to the General subforum to gain more visibility. Good luck.

    [move] Dedicating "The Soft Goodbye" to the Supercell forums and the people who made it an awesome community, the brightest star in the evening sky. [/move]

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    Quote Originally Posted by chilepepper101 View Post
    I believe More members will come over to one or more of the forum substitutes once these ones close, i also feel if i can find mods willing to continue on as mods on the unofficial forums more will follow since the mods are well-respected.
    You haven't read much of the posts about that part then? *puzzled*

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