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Thread: a question on recruiting

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    a question on recruiting

    How do you plan to recruit new farmers for your NH after the closing of The Forum?
    I am not familiar with other social venues that could accomplish that.
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    I think you should ask to have this thread moved to a better place. I haven't decided where to recruit in the future. I don't like the options I have seen. Hoping others had suggestions. I checked out a few things but not to my liking.
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    My rule of thumbs, if I were to recruit, is to be where your target (players demographic) is.

    If you don’t like any current alternative, it’s fine. Just keep watching to see how they evolve in the future and whether new alternatives appear. Then decide.

    Crazy idea: advertize in DD with farm name: hood recruiting. Edit hood description to point to someplace you can discuss or let them join.
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