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Thread: Hidden inferno

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    Hidden inferno
    Like the Hidden Tesla, Something needs to go into its range to activate, unless you get 51%. This building doesn't count toward percentage.
    6 tile activation radius, 7 tile attack radius.
    It deals 20 damage to up to 5 targets. Has 1,250 health.
    Unlocked at town hall 9 and not town hall 10.
    It doesn't have a single target option until town hall 10, which does 700 damage (at intial level anyway) levels:
    Th9 - 1: 20 damage (multi), 1,250 HP. Build cost: 500,000
    Th9 - 2: 25 damage (multi), 1,500 HP. Upgrade cost: 750,000
    Th10 - 3: 30 damage (multi) 700 damage (single) hp: 2,000, upgrade cost: 1,000,000
    Funfact: single targets take 2.5 seconds to get to max damage, so the intial damage is 250.
    Th10 - 4: 40 damage (multi), 800 damage (single) intial damage: 300, HP: 2,500, upgrade cost: 1,500,000

    Th11 - 5: 55 damage (multi), 1,000 damage (single) intial damage: 400, upgrade cost: 2,000,000
    Th13 - 6: 70 damage (multi) 1,250 damage (single), intial damage: 550

    I'll let SC decide how long it should take to build etc.

    Also, the texture changes by Inferno level, so the level 3 will look like level 3 inferno
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    Btw, how do I send pictures

    I don't know how to send pictures btw, if you do, tell me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotQouwtaye View Post
    I don't know how to send pictures btw, if you do, tell me.
    You can upload to imgbb and then paste the link here

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    Quote Originally Posted by darpan2704coc View Post
    You can upload to imgbb and then paste the link here
    Or use imgur that works too.

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    TH9 is too early IMO.

    Adapt, appreciate, and own up to what you have.

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    You basically set this up as a trap and a building. Thats a good idea thats interesting then you made it really strong for a trap. This part is not so good. Since it deals quite a bit of damage, it can really hurt armies and once I destroy it, I dont get the % for it. Whats worse is it doesn't go away, it sits there and causes more damage for how strong it is. This idea is good but really needs some adjustments to the stats to sound feasible.

    Also as pointed out above, th 9 is too early for this. Consider th 10 is the first th to get the signature inferno tower, now your introducing a trap at th 9. I would but it th 12 or 13 at the earliest so the th 10 signature defense can shine a bit more before introducing a trap copy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziya645 View Post
    TH9 is too early IMO.
    Yep. Infernos are the signature defense for th10. It wouldn’t make sense to have a derivative defense appear earlier.

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