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Thread: Hay Day Helper Fifts

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    Hay Day Helper Fifts

    How long does it take to receive gifts after helping on another players farm?

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    Provided that the helped player clicks on the helped item before 8 p.m. EST, you will get them when the postman arrives on whichever day the player so clicked.

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    Keep in mind that the player you helped might not click on the helped item that day. Either because they're not playing, or they don't notice they've been helped.

    Also, you don't get a gift certificate for every time you help. It's random, though I think it works out to 1 out 5 in the long run. So don't assume the players you help aren't thanking you.
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    You could ‘help’ 100+ other players, but the limit on gift certificates per day is 7. That would be counted on the day the helped player tapped on it. And you may actually not get even the thank you from every player, depending on how many different players you helped.

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