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Thread: Reddit vs Forums 6: The Finale

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    Reddit vs Forums 6: The Finale

    Prefaced edit: There was a slight change in the event dates, it has been pushed back 2 weeks. The war dates have been edited and are reflected in this post.

    Dear Clashers,

    There’s not much left to be said. With the imminent closure of the forums, this will likely be the last RvF event. The current score between the communities stands at 3-2, in the Forums’ favor. This war will either see the Forums maintaining their winning record, or end it as a tie with both communities on equal footing. The first five rounds have historically been down to the wire, and we hope the competitive spirit will follow through in this finale.

    There will be gem rewards for participants and stream viewers!

    - Each winning team member will receive 3,000 gems.
    - Each runner-up team member will receive 1,000 gems.
    - There will be stream giveaways of 1,000 gems at random points during war day.

    Please note: This event is only open to TH12s and above. No dips will be allowed. By signing up we cannot guarantee you a spot in either of the clans - but we can guarantee you will be placed in a pool of players to be picked from. We have to do our own administrative work behind the scenes for matching up weights and heroes across both the sides, and hence are not able to definitively provide all applicants with a spot on their respective team's roster.

    As is visible on the title, this event is exclusive to members from the official Supercell Forums and r/ClashOfClans subscribers. Having a forum or Reddit account is crucial for one to be able to take part in this event.

    It is your personal responsibility to keep an eye on the event and its respective announcements. By signing up, you are acknowledging your confirmation of a desire to be part of this event, and your availability during the weekend of 26th to 27th June. Additionally, it is a requirement to be part of the Discord server linked below, as announcements will be mainly made there, so that the event can flow as smoothly as possible.

    Dates: 26th to 27th June, 2021
    Discord server:
    Signup form: [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

    Signups close on 3rd June.

    Thank you,
    The RvF team
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    😍😍 was waiting for this

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    Behind you

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    Letís go out with a bang and show the redditors once more who is boss!

    Was such a privilege to be part of RvF5 - hope I get shortlisted again!

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    New to this
    Can anyone explain something about this match?
    Any rules?

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    I've signed up to discord but ngl, I like forums a lot and I wouldn't abandon it.

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    A swan song, huh? Iím in.


    On the second thought, Iím a rushed TH14 with TH12 defenses, I think Iíd do more harm than good. I guess Iíll sit this one out :/ Even though itís the last one
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    Oh yeah!
    I ve been looking these forum vs reddit wars from several years. Finally this time i would be amazed if i get to participate considering that this would be last forum vs reddit war with closure of forums.

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    Done hope this time im not neglected like last year

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    Quote Originally Posted by APURV77 View Post
    New to this
    Can anyone explain something about this match?
    Any rules?
    Only rule is reddit loses

    Just follow the links and it will become clear (er). If in doubt, ask Kart / TheGneissRock for faqs

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