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Thread: My clan does not lvl up

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    Unhappy My clan does not lvl up

    My clan is stucked in lvl 3 1900/1900 exp and idk what is happening, this foto is from yersterday morning and we earn 178 exp on the last match on cwl but the bar is stucked there. idk if they made any changes on past update, maybe we will lvl up at the end of the cwl?

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    It will level up after CWL ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaMe ChAnGeR1 View Post
    It will level up after CWL ends.
    This is a bug like delays in between cwl days which sc has never adressed nor mentioned anything. The levelup has to happen when the clan reach the new level even during cwl. Due to that bug it takes one or two additional days in cwl (or cwl end) to level up and brings the whole clan in disadvantage like donation levelup and bigger cc treasury.

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