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Thread: Trying to retrieve my old village I had on iOS to Android device

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    Trying to retrieve my old village I had on iOS to Android device

    So first thing,

    I tried recovering my lost village with the in-app support.

    A little back story.

    I played the game on my old iOS device (2nd gen I believe) and on March 2013 I linked the village with my facebook account.

    Fast forward to today. (8 years later.) I've since stopped playing and after playing some other supercell game I felt like checking out my CoC village.

    So after 8 years I think its pretty fair to say I don't remember much about my village anymore, but was luckily given the choice to give a Facebook ID if I linked it back then, lucky I did as stated earlier.

    So I give the support representative the ID and was told that the ID was not linked to any village, not only that but the ID I had provided was incorrect, as it seems that the ID should have been 17 characters.. I only submitted 9.

    So my question is:

    Can I still retrieve my village, I have a feeling that the answer is no but would like to know what other options I might have available to me..

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    Facebook does NOT save your progress. It is just for friendlist of your facebook friends to show the in the game.
    Get an ios device and login with your old ios/gamecenter accountand load your village with it.
    If you cant remember your ios account then your only option is the ingame support in the game. If you cant provide them all requested informations then you will never get back your village.

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    Don't know what th you were but you can reach th9 in a few months being semi active. It will probably be easier than dealing with support on questions you don't remember.

    All the magic items and cost reductions make it very quick.
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