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Thread: Th11 looking for an english speaking clan, active in war, games and leagues

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    Th11 looking for an english speaking clan, active in war, games and leagues

    I was forced to delete Clash of Clans a while ago since my old phone was running out of storage space. Now that I've got a new phone, I've redownloaded the game and am in need of a new Clan. I'm looking for a new, English speaking, decently leveled clan, active in War, Games and Leagues. Hopefully, not one to leveled as the last League I was in as part of a level 15 Clan saw us going up against Maxed out TH13's.

    Preferably, also a Clan who's members donate regularly (I'll try and donate whatever I can) with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly, helpful members. I do occasionally drop in trophy count on purpose to farm resources and I'm working on Leveling my AQ so I may not always be able to take part in War. (I'll be sure to change my War preference)

    Username: Xxsh4d0wxX
    Player Tag: #2ROCJJQVC
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    Hi Xxsh4d0wxX, we are looking for active players to join our new clan!

    War Phoneix (#2PC92PUR8)
    Established: 9 May 2021
    Level 1 Clan Recruiting New Active Members for Serious Wars!

    About Us:
    - Very Active Players
    - Take Wars Seriously and Aim to 3 Stars for Both Attacks
    - Donate to Everyone
    - We donated over 10,000 troops per season
    - English Speaking

    Leader: Come_On_Me #PYQVYJVG
    TH11, Always Donate High Level Troops for Wars and Farm

    Expectations of Members:
    - Be Active
    - Must Use Both Attacks in Wars
    - Donate When You Can
    - Respectful and No Swearing

    All Town Halls Accepted Here as long as you fit in the expectations!
    Join Our Family Now and Let's Clash Together!!

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    ▫️——**DadBods War Family**——▫️

    Are you serious about Wars and CWL? Want to evolve as an attacker? DadBods is the place for you!
    **Needed War players for CWL!**

    **Get to know us!**
    We are a bunch of war enthusiasts, improving ourselves each war and the ultimate goal, to knock out clans in CWL.


    • Clan Level 7
    • CWL Crystal 3 this season
    • Max Donations
    • Max Clan games (100k+)
    • Back to Back Wars
    • Competitive
    • Th11+
    **__DadBods 2__**

    Newly created. Looking for active players/donators/warriors.

    • Clan Level 2
    • CWL Gold 3
    • Back to Back Wars
    • Newbie Friendly
    • Th9+
    **__DB Xtreme__**

    • Clan Level 1
    • CWL Unranked
    • Back to Back Wars
    • Competitive
    • Th 11+

    **What are we looking for?**
    We are actively recruiting dedicated war players on all our clans!

    • Active daily
    • Use opt in/out. If you’re in, should use both attacks. Missed attacks results in sitting out/warning/boot
    • Must Be 17+
    • Use of Discord, for war plannings and strategies
    • Willing to follow simple guidelines to ensure the clan grows
    • Willing to teach others as well as take constructive criticism so we all improve.
    **We are also looking for experienced players to join the Leadership team!**

    If you feel like this is the clan for you, Apply on our discord server!
    **Our Discord Server!**

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    Skull Brawlers #LQJO2282.💀We brawl for stars!!! ⭐⭐⭐

    What we offer:

    💀Twice A Week Wars.
    💀CWL Participation.
    💀Max Clan Games.
    Max Donations.
    💀24 Hour Promotion to Elder.

    Requirements to join:

    💀TH13 to TH11.
    Follow clan rules and be active.

    Clan Rules:

    💀Use all war attacks.
    💀1,000 points in clan games.
    💀Follow war plans by attacking only your assigned target or in your assigned zone.
    Follow war eligibility. (See below.)

    War Eligibility Rules:

    💀Rank of Elder.
    💀Heroes and Spell factories not upgrading.
    💀Clan war preference is set to "I'm in".

    Clan Information:

    💀Clan Level 15
    💀Established: April 2016
    💀Clan Tag: #LQJO2282
    💀Location: United States
    💀Time Zone: EST/GMT -4/5
    Clan War League: Gold I

    Join Now

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