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Thread: What do you type on google to reach the forums

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    The only two bookmarks in my mobile browser are forums and clash of clans wiki!

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    I type in COC. Thankfully it keeps bringing me here and not somewhere else which would be must less pleasant.
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    I used type Clash, but now when I click in my search my 3-4 top searches are in a small que and I just roll my mouse over the appropriate one and log on..

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    I type "mighty" and chrome suggests me two of our clan recruitment threads on the forum.. Bump them both and then I stray around for a bit

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    I have the forums on all of my devices start up tabs/quick links. Though I don't play much anymore, I still peruse the forums quite often each day. Not sure what I will do to fill the void now, maybe read a book or talk to my kids.

    I think the oldest may have moved out a few months ago, not sure. Maybe I'll follow up on that.
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    It’s been a shortcut on my mobile devices for years. It’s going to be a sad day when I have to delete them.
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    After typing upto 'su' in the search box, supercell forum appears in the drop down. So I click on it and then enter the forum.
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    Just coc forums 🙃


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    f + enter does the trick.

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