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Thread: New campion

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    New campion

    I kindda think, i have been heard about supercell try to make a new campion it called queen wall breaker but its failed or something i dont really remember, but its make me think about new campion like, like you know a dragon campion it same like a golden dragon at the of the goblin map that make me thinking what if supercell make a dragon campion but its not super strong like original but less power full when you buy.

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    It's pretty similar but not the same so I don't really know if it counts or not.
    Frequently requested ideas:
    Defensive Structure Related:
    Add hidden tesla trigger radius circle (green perhaps)
    Modify ammo to include variables: ex: every 5th cannon shot is a freeze ball, or 7th A.Tower projectile is a fire arrow, wiz towers alternate different spells. Different shots carry different attributes, whether slow, fire damage, extra damage to certain troops, etc.
    Add an x-bow loaded with dark elixir or "Dark X-Bow"
    Add "spires" which add on to defenses or provide an area effect to increase stats
    New defensive buildings:
    Ice Tower
    Dragon Cave
    Poison Dart Tower
    Healing Tower
    Spear Tower
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