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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnK2015 View Post
    I'd like to share a post written about the pros and cons of Reddit versus Forums.
    Uh, boy. That thread shows our problem in a nutshell. The poster lays out all the reasons why forums are better than Reddit...but the forums set up for Boom Beach and Clash Royale, linked in that thread, are now closed. The links are 404, and Googling does not find them. The one forum I did find hasn't had a post in years.

    It sounds like SC closed the Boom Beach and Clash Royale forums in 2018, or earlier. The people who had been posting here moved to alternate forums...but three years later, those forums are gone. But Reddit is still here.

    One reason SC is closing this forum is that posts have dropped off sharply. I fear it will only be worse at an unofficial forum, that doesn't have support and communication from SC.
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    I play another, very different game that has a Reddit presence so I’ve been lurking there for almost 2 years now. I have never joined however. I would agree that Reddit is the closest thing to the forum (even if it is still several hundred miles away).

    I also agree that it’s unlikely that anything we do would have the dynamism or longevity of the forum but it’s like Meo said; it’s mainly so we don’t lose touch completely with people whose lives we’ve infiltrated. And who have infiltrated ours. For that I’m willing to take the risk of having our new “forum” not grow or even die in a couple of years - provided always that the time and effort it would take to set it up in the first place, and then maintain it, is worth it to those who can do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyelashes View Post
    I like the forum because of the people here. I'm ok with the Hay Day reddit, but I find it's frequent users are new players. So most posts are your basic newbie questions. Which is boring. If we could start a reddit just for our forum family it would consist of quality substance. Would that work? I too don't like facebook, or discord. I get so lost in discord. 
    Ive been through this before with other forums I’ve loved, and they’re really hard to duplicate. If everyone migrated to Reddit, it wouldn’t be all newbies. You can probably reasonably duplicate your user names, and while Reddit doesn’t really support signatures and avatars, there’s always flair. I don’t think there are many mods, so some mods here could step in.

    Reddit isn’t going anywhere, there are a lot of good subreddits...I really think it’s the best bet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janilee View Post
    Like Cowslips, I don't want to be on Facebook.

    I think Reddit is probably the closest option to a forum. But I don't think they're official. I've sometimes gone there to talk about things we're not allowed to talk about here, lol.

    What really made this the place to be, instead of various other forums, was the interaction with official Supercell representatives. Sigh. Looks like that's going to be on Facebook and Discord. Discord does have multiple channels, sorta like different sections of the forum, and it looks like SC is in charge, so presumably the rules there are the same as here. For better or worse.
    I think the CMs would be willing to check in on Reddit. A lot of the gaming subreddits have CMs as members.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    I don't think it's realistic to put HD and Clash together? We are not quite in the same situation, although affected by the same situation. I'm always envious of their Clash API, their fan kit... oh my... their awesome fankit and so many ressources available on the internet. I feel for them as I play both games but I have deeper sympathies for Hay Day where we don't even have an up to date fankit to encourage fan made media.

    I see the forumites server initiative is more of a way to stay in touch with forum members you might lose sight of once forum closes.

    Different Discord servers means different rules, different moderation team, different people to talk with. Content creators set up their own discord server for their fan base, there are talks about their streaming schedule, upcoming events, exclusive info, recruitment and other things that aren't necessary to be in the Reddit server.

    Human nature, we don't always appreciate each other. Even on this very peaceful side of forum, people has stopped posting because they don't like the forum rules about name/shaming or about discussing exploit. If I don't like the trading ratio or selling anything for more than what the game let me in RSS, I don't want to be bullied/pressured by those who do just because "that's how we do it here". It's good to have a choice when we know what we do not want.

    I am, for example, in touch with some from forum via instant messaging. Not necessarily to chat all day. But I can send them a message like "hey, did you check the Dairy News, it's out today". That's all, 2 messages in 1 month and that's totally fine. A way to stay in touch with veteran players without daily need for chatting but just to stay in touch is what I may consider. Don't need new blood for this.
    agree with you re the API/fankits etc... what a revelation to have all those bots lol...HD does indeed suffer from a lack in that dept.

    anyways, see my bold of your not suggesting that both HD and CoC share the same sub, but here's the irony bit...i actually found out that these forums were closing from the clash reddit...
    i popped across to the HD reddit to see if anything had been posted...there was nothing there...i popped over just now to double check it...and still whilst HD reddit sees itself totally separated from the forums (certainly enough that it's not even an announcement over there, unless i've missed the thread?) at least it's somewhere for the HD side to go. their own sub there might will only know if one tries...and soon it might possibly come to that.
    as i'd already said over on CoC forums...HDers, are getting left behind...tho clashers have more options, in some ways...

    i have to say i've found the way clash reddit pinned the thread and let the discussion flow was quite nice...ok it was for clash but, i would have loved to have seen that on HD reddit too...we all share the same game, with many of us sharing those abovementioned platforms too...tho we might have our prefs.

    re the keeping in contact with friends you said...we have to identify what do we want? my mind, one may keep in touch with friends easily's the making of new friends that will suffer, the collective knowledge that will be dispersed, the shortage of an adequate platform to recruit the type of players i want that will disappear...for me those are the things that linger in my mind...

    still, we cannot stop this so i'm sure everyone will find their place eventually...

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    And it's tellin' me that things are not the same
    Clash fan base has plenty of skillful (in making another fan forum) players with time and ressources to try something, they just need to find each other.

    1 month notice is just too short for fan to properly build something good and deliver in time. I tend not to act out of panic (team Hay Day knows something about this ) or desperation, that would be a sure failure. Seeing forum gone powerlessly so sudden is already hard for some of us, having high expectations for the next (rushly built and not ready) place to see it falling apart again after some time would be another bad experience for them. Us players don't derserve another "break up" this year, especially not the ones investing time and ressources to make it happen.

    Anyway, things I notice:
    1. Players who can try and adapt to Reddit format might find that place helpful in the future.

    The current content seems poor but that place has potential. An almost blank page. I visited Clash Reddit and followed Kart's (Clash Reddit moderator) advice on how to browse it. There are lots of improvement that can be made on Hay Day Reddit in the future. Say NO to Reddit in its current state is like visiting this forum in September 2012 and not wanting to join.
    --> Don't shut this door just yet . I've been browsing some threads from forum back in 2012 (sort thread by views or start date). There are threads that are just casual chatting or personal achivement just like what we would see right now in other social media, forum knowledge takes time to build. It will be the case for Reddit.

    2. Players who cannot switch to Reddit nor Discord seems to want a place where they can read meaningful discussion with well written posts, learn tip and tricks, share information that is straight to the point, not distracted by gif or emoji ... in a format that suits their style (webpage). For players with poor eyesight, ability to read content on a browser and able to increase text size comes in handy.
    --> if any, this should be the focus of the next place to be. Once a community is formed, the place will grow.

    I'll be back writing novels later...
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    I like the format of the’s easy enough to search for answers to questions that have previously been asked. I also think the users here are sometimes better at answering questions about bugs and glitches than support. I messaged support about a farm pass problem, and they told me they couldn’t help me. It was simple - my farm pass task was to wake up sanctuary animals. I never got credit for it. The solution was this easy: “don’t use the whistle to wake up sanctuary animals.” I don’t know why I didn’t try that on my own. (Or why support didn’t know) But, this is just one small example of how helpful the community here can be.
    I would join an unofficial forum group if someone started one. I started an unofficial trading group in discord, but I still prefer the navigation features of the forums.

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    A forumite recently created an Unofficial Supercell Forum. Here's the discussion thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnK2015 View Post
    A forumite recently created an Unofficial Supercell Forum. Here's the discussion thread.

    thanks for helping to spread the word

    Goodbye forums, I know you tried your best, darian.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chilepepper101 View Post
    thanks for helping to spread the word
    so, now we have two unofficial forums, this latest one and the one referenced earlier. What to do?
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