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Thread: Delta707 G1 Lvl3 Looking for non rushed th10+

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    Delta707 War clan Lvl4 G1 looking for TH11+


    About us:
    - Level 4 War Clan Currently 15-4
    - Gold League 1 in CWL
    - Active donations no donation ratio here 💪🏻
    - Friendly and Active chat
    - Max Clan Games
    - Well Organized Strategies for War and Promotions
    -International clan players from every region

    - non-rushed th11s and up at the the moment but some 9s/10s can be accepted
    -English speaking
    -Mature adult
    - No missed attacks in War all heroes must be up if there upgrading go red

    Interested in joining? Apply ingame we hope to see you soon.

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