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Thread: Pro$perity ( I need Clanmates!!! )

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    Pro$perity ( I need Clanmates!!! )

    I just created this Clan it's called " Pro$perity "
    I'm a 11 town hall maxed out!! I have 2 people in the clan for far. Only join if you have a postive outlook on life. MUST BE ACTIVE.

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    Adult Clan! Need players for War!! JOIN NOW

    Join our Adult Clan!! We are a New Clan with great potential. We need players to start Clans Wars! Clan name is " Pro$perity " My name is "Denversmoke303" with my Friend "BrandonHD". My friend is townhall 12. I'm townhall 11.
    Thank you(:

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    Active Clan with 40+ members!! NEED GOOD WAR PLAYERS!!!

    Hi, I'm the leader of " Pro$perity " we need good active players that have a postive attitude, and are always war ready. Grow with us(:

    My name on CoC is Denversmoke

    Adult Clan

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