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Thread: 12 loons 1 edrag 14 baby drags

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    Quote Originally Posted by farenhawk View Post
    Is 9/11 attacks working like that every time no reason for concern? I’m fairly certain the attacks weee all by same user which isn’t out of the realm of possibility at these levels. I may have made an over statement using the word automatic, but still doesn’t detract from the fact the attack is op to a level it’s probably got room for concern. But the fact some people here get out of sorts when anyone makes any statement about regarding anything is troublesome. I’ve seen it far more than one time from a poster that’s posted in here I won’t name his name. I just think the attack is a concern, and i standby my belief they have no idea how to fix it
    The only one who has gotten out of sorts in this thread appears to be you, with your reactions when someone tries to have a discussion around the topic. If you come in with a negative attitude, expect a negative response. You claimed something that simply isn’t true in your OP. If it just for effect, great, then just say so. The videos you posted showed bases that are perfectly set up to be tripled by this attack. Plus the idea that just anyone can drop these troops like this on any base is completely false. Is the attack strong? Sure, but as others have pointed out it’s not at all what you claimed it to be.

    As for your previous post about mods, I’m really not sure what relevance that has as no mods have even posted anything in this thread.

    if you just want to post outlandish claims with no recourse for discussion, don’t worry these forums are closing and the only places left to post nonsense after that are going places where it will fit nicely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farenhawk View Post
    I have 7 other attacks of the same exact variety that doesn’t agree with your statement, same thing every attack same result, you will deny deny deny no matter what I post anyway, which is the reason I was hesitant to post a video anyway. Sure I’ll just sit back and watch people drop 14 inferno drags and just be cool with it. Glad these forums are going away. Just seems there are certain mods here that demean everything says. Which is the reason I’ve only lurked around here for the past 8 years
    Deny what? That it is an auto 3 star with no skill like you claimed? Yes, I will deny that. If that was true then you’d see 100% 3 star rates in Champs1. If that was true then the pro wars I’ve watched recently would all be using it. It isn’t true. What IS true is that it is one of the strongest attacks.

    I think you need to go back and read the thread. No one is denying it’s a strong attack. People have denied the exaggerated claims that you made.

    Is your clan planning to use that attack in the next war for 43-45 stars?

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