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Thread: Improved Achievement Tracking (Gold Grab and Elixir Escapade).

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    Improved Achievement Tracking (Gold Grab and Elixir Escapade).

    This might seem like an odd idea/inquiry/request, but as a long time Clasher, I have grown accustomed to limit at which the game ceases to track achievement scores for things like Gold Grab (GG) and Elixir Escapade (EE). However, I have recently started using tools to track my clan member's progress in game, and I would like to offer benefits to those players who get higher scores and play more actively. However, I am unable to track the GG or EE of those who have already reached the 2 billion max. Hence, it would be convenient to be able to track their progress beyond that number.

    I understand that this could be a limitation of the engine, or data storage, used behind the scenes. If it is a hard limit that cannot be reasonably altered, then that would answer this idea altogether. However, I have not seen an conclusive information regarding the topic, so I decided to mention it here.

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    It's been discussed before and, if my memory serves right, it has to do with the way it is coded.
    I think it is coded to track up to 1,999,999,999.9999 or some such, but the system rounds it up to 2 billion.

    This was coded on an older system.

    Obviously, newer systems can handle higher numbers and I guess SC doesn't deem it necessary to track beyond 2 billion, so it stays there.

    Basicaly, it was originally coded to track up to 2 billion and this was on an older system.

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    Someone better than me at forum search or with a better understanding can add to this. From what I recall, the 2 billion value is the maximum possible in the field type used in the database. They could change to another similar type but it would have no way of knowing how much I have looted since I hit the 2b max.
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    What has been said above is correct. This is a 32 bit game, and the highest (normal) number a game like this can handle is 2,147,483,647 (integer limit), which is rounded down to 2B to look nicer I guess.

    Not sure what kind of API changes would have to be made/added to track loot progress beyond the 2B, but I think it should be possible…

    Reason being that (I think) SC still tracks attack data, meaning loot gained every attack you do, is saved in their database. It just isn’t added to the achievement anymore because of the limit.

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