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Thread: Make an option to disassemble a product

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    Make an option to disassemble a product

    Example: I have the item "bacon and eggs", and I need actual bacon. I disassemble the "bacon and eggs" into its ingredients, 4 eggs and 2 strips of bacon.

    Another example:

    There is a product in the candy machine called jelly beans. It's made of 2 types of jam x 1 and 1 white sugar(jam takes 5+ hours to make, jelly beans 20+ hours. If you bought jelly beans somewhere, and need blackberry jam, for example, just disassemble the jelly beans into the ingredients, doesnt have to be realistic. Let's just remind ourselves that a blanket(1000+ coins) costs more than a diamond ring(828 coins) in this game.

    This would be a big QOL improvement, because not only does it objectively make sense that you can do this, but, you can't profit just on the disassembling action. If you didnt know, the product always costs more than the sum of its ingredients (maybe with a few exceptions, i dont know).

    Of course, for those exceptions, if they exist, and diamond rings, you cant do it.
    Also, it shouldnt matter how you got the product, bought in newspaper or made yourself. And maybe implement a 3-times-per-day system, like with help requests, but I wouldnt. In my opinion, the disassemble action should either be instant or take 5 minutes or less, regardless of the product.
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