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    Unbanned for Going to help and Support

    I just want to appeal that my account has been banned for 31 days .I didnt do anything .even do i reply in my clan some several message that supercell didnt accepted .like word PANALO that make that word **** which is a good word for Philippine People .When I go to Help and Support in Supercell..My Account getting banned .Can You with that .I Have a pending War attack and my clan needs me..Im a honest person please help me to recover

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    Clanchat censoring is a bit buggy since new rules for united states clasher. As long as there is a usa clasher under 16y old in your clan the chat is censored for everyone. These censorship is bit way to hard and censors words that shouldnt be censored.

    Regarding your ban. Read the ingame ban message and deal with it. No one on any forum can help you with that and all we know is that bans are final.

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    Support does not come to the forum, so follow what wotanwaton said.
    Come join the new unofficial Hay Day forum:

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