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Thread: Cc troops for cwl.

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    Cc troops for cwl.

    Which CC troops are suitable for defending in Clan War League for Town Hall 10.
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    Super minions!

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    Agree with blazeaxil.. We use 2x Smin, a Baby D and an Archer in our 10 (and same for the 11s).
    Is above this cc level we start to mix it up a bit, but still at least 2 Smin per cc.. Devastates the unprepared and uses spells for anyone else.
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    Agree with the above- SMs are just THE BEST cc for th10 and above.
    35 Spaces- 2 SM, 1 HH, 5 GOB
    40 Spaces- 2 SM, 2 HH, 4 GOB
    45 Spaces- 3 SM, 1 HH, 3 GOB
    The above is what I run in my clan for CWL(and whenever for some reason somebody has extra DE to spend on them)

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