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Thread: New siege machine-Inferno Sparky

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    New siege machine-Inferno Sparky

    I wasn't sure if to suggest it, but I decided to do it.
    As you might see in the title I want to suggest a new siege machine called Inferno Sparky.

    It's a sparky from clash royale but it has 4 inferno beams that damage nearest buildings, the strongest is like a single target inferno tower, the weakest is like a multi target inferno tower, and the other ones are exactly between them. If a building blocks its way to the townhall, it reloads a sparky beam like clash royal sparky and shoots it on the building(s), in addition to the inferno beams.
    When it comes to the townhall, it shoots 1 sparky beam, on it and all the inferno beams focus the townhall for 2 seconds and then it breaks down.
    It breaks the walls by the bottom part (those nails)
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    I understand the concept of it, but wouldn’t it be kind of op? Because the single inferno would act like the single stoke in the middle which would increase the damage and do a little to much damage to a weaponry and also why would it have two powers? Both really powerful. And also if it acted like the single inferno shouldnt it be nerfed?

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    I don't think it's op, I think putting these 4 beams or the sparky beam only will be weak so I put both of them.
    What is nerf? I mean, sorry for being weird or something but I don't know what's the meaning of that so I can't answer you about that😅
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