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    Remove all Country Flags from Game

    You Guys to Lazy to give all Countrys her Flag Ingame? Than Remove all Flags from this Game. So far you only give them the flag,
    the ones that bring you the most money

    You give it to everyone, or to no one.

    Make other Flags with Barbarians or Golems etc 🤔

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    Yeah, what about the countries without the flag there?
    +1 for the idea from me, especially because of the troops flags.

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    I don't think it is related to money. Most of the country flags you will see are from countries having huge clash of clans base.

    On the other note they have said in past that they will not release flags for more countries as this can cause problems for them. Many countries are there which are not accepted by many other countries. What if two countries are at war? Why would the second country accept it that their enemy country's flag is being introduced in the game? They might even ban the game in their own countries. On the other hand if they remove all the existing flags, there are chances players might get furious with their country's flag going and they might stop playing too.

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