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Thread: Seasonal troops

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    Seasonal troops

    Dear, clash of clans community, i think of a barrack were we can train seasonal troops like ice wizard in winter season , pumpkin barbarian in the Halloween season, and etc . And also we can cook the normal troops side by side throught the year.
    Thanks if you see it

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    If you can seasonal troop whenever you want, will they remain seasonal anymore

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    That would make army queuing and quick army training needlessly complicated for armies that include any seasonal troops. What benefit would offset that?

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    Seasonal troops were over powered for the very reason that they were a temporary troop. Even if they made them permanent they would reduce stats so they are not over powered.

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    i know they wont allow it anymore, but i used to like having those seasonal troops well after the season was over. I held onto ice wizards for months after the fact. i was tricky to not drop them during a battle, but it was fun to see them running around the army camps.

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