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    Account problems

    I don't know if this is the right channel but,
    Can i ask why supercell is stealing accounts from users?

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    Why would supercell....who owns all of our accounts possibly steal accounts from anyone?

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    Well i dont know, but they are doing it and is not acceptable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael1234567 View Post
    I don't know if this is the right channel but,
    Can i ask why supercell is stealing accounts from users?
    Maybe a hacker or something else like that acted like supercell and stole your account. Supercell stealing player accounts does not make any sense.

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    They did it, one guy sold one account....that's against their policy.... And then is like if they removed the acc from the email which is extremely weird and gave the account back to the guy who sold the account, i dont know how they did but, the guy committed scam and supercell helped him to do it, they didn't even ban the account or anything... That guy is going to sell the account again and supercell is an accomplice of that. It wasn't me but i am extremely dissapointed of them. That's a bad joke.

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    Your messages just don't make any sense. Was it you who bought some account and now you're mad when the previous owner scammed you and took it back? If it wasn't you, then how do you know about the case and why even care?

    Also pretty sure a topic like this isn't allowed on this forum so you're probably out of luck here.

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    They are acting against their policies and that's my claim, as simple as that. The rules should be the same for everyone.

    In the other hand why you care how i know? Hahaja that changes anything? I can tell you how that really ain't matter, i just think that your answer is funny.

    If they dont explain why they did that then they are accomplice of scam, as simple as that.
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