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    New chat language in clan

    Adding Tagalog Language For Filipino COC player/clan 🇵🇭

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    It's a bit difficult to find Clan mates speaking in Tagalog, and it's a little bit awkward for new clan members when we speak in Tagalog while the Clan Chat Language is English (because there is no tagalog)
    Please consider Filipino Clan and Filipino players of this game

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    You can use the same language in your clan chat as you use in-game. Like many players don't have their native languages in-game so they use English, but that doesn't mean they chat in english in clan chat too. And it may take many years and lot of money for supercell to introduce every single language spoken in the world in game (I don't know the exact numbers but I think there are more than 10k languages in the world).

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