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Thread: Current CWL

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    Current CWL

    How is everyone's cwl going.
    Wow we r struggling atm. Th14 has really mixed things up. Instead of seeing masses of rushed 13s, it's now masses of rushed 14s lol.
    We got demoted last season back to masters 3. Usually we finish in the top couple in masters 3, get promoted, then demoted and so on. That's our roundabout.
    We running atm 9 x 14s, 2 x 13s, 4 x 12s. Same core for a long time. Currently sitting in the bottom half. Been outmatched every war so far. Likely to b 1 and 3 after 4 wars.
    And I am not complaining, I understand there is no matching.
    I was just shocked a bit at this current cwl. After being demoted I expected us to thrive this cwl. We are not rushers as we do keep regular war in mind. I guess our ceiling may have shifted slightly...

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    New hall mate.. Battle of the budgets early doors.
    We too are victims of preferring regular war as opposed to CWL, so no rushers here either, although our struggle is down in Crystal 2.

    I am the only one to make the jump to 14 in our ranks, but fighting uphill in cwl is just another day at the office, or rather another season of farming medals whilst trying to maintain as high of a tier as possible in order to gain most medals possible for that 8 stars.
    Our breakdown this term is 1/5/2/6/1.. Is a shocker we are having to field a 10, but it is what it is.. Some folk have busy lives so cant guarantee a show up.

    Day 5, are 1/3 so far, lying 6th, and playing the 7th placed team today.. Could have been matched with the algo tbf, as the rosters are well suited.
    Start the day 28 stars ahead of them, so a win will keep us in the tier for next season.. A loss will put things in doubt, as we face the 2 top guys on days 6 and 7.. Am expecting big boys and girls there, looking at the scoring for the week.

    Trying to get one or two to make getting the hall primary objective, then try to push on for the 50%.. ATM they keep targeting the eagle and ending with a 1 star.
    Happy days tho.. Is only cwl, and if I keep saying it I will start to believe it myself lol.

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    I would suspect th14 brought some clans back to being active. We've been in masters 3 for a while 30v30 finishing between 2nd and 4th. We are running 18 th14s. Very few at all rushed. I'm projecting a 3rd place finish.
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    Agree it's quite a hell- but my clan is surviving it atm.
    CR1 15v15, roster: 0x th14, 5x th13, 8x th12, 2x th11. Will finish either 5th or 6th, expecting 6th.

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