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Thread: Farm Pass cons!! Too much XP, too little coins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xenkitty View Post
    I'm in the same boat. I have all machines and millions in dollars. I'm a level 111 and it takes forever to level up . I pay for decos and experience. I'm happy.
    totally agreed and now at 198 so its really nice to get some help
    so love the farmpass and yes more decos is never wrong
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    I have to disagree with you, I WANT the XP. I don't need anymore coins. Instead of worrying about selling what's in your barn plant and sell great cash crops, like soybeans. You can plant/harvest/sell enough soybeans in a couple of days to pay for your machine. I made over 75,000 coins in 1 day selling soybeans. HayDay is a game of time and coin management. Be patient, work through it step by step. You'll get there before you know it.

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    I wish I could opt out of the farm pass. I don't particularly need any of the prizes offered, and being forced to go that chicken coop to claim my prizes while I'm in the middle of playing is incredibly annoying.
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    Maybe they could make the farm pass rewards more appropriate for the different levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dessycakes3 View Post
    Who agrees with me? I had been purchasing the farm pass, but I was leveling up very often and having issues buying the new machines. I have talked within my neighborhood and we have all agreed that if the farm pass gave chances to get more coins, and less XP that we would
    purchase it. Iím currently level 74, about to unlock the hotdog machine and I still havenít purchased the hat maker due to lack of coins. I have been
    having to sell literally everything in my barn to make enough coins to buy these machines here. The hotdog machine is 650,000 coins and I have yet to
    afford a machine that only cost 260,000. I have stopped purchasing the farm pass, because Iím leveling up so fast and getting ahead of myself on all of the machines that I am unable to buy. If you agree with me, please give me a thumbs up!! I think that this could be solved by replacing one the XP reward with coin rewards! Itís way too much XP and too little coins for me.
    Well you are somehow right but honestly for me what matters the most is the XP that takes you to next level and is most needed. Also the coins when you reach level 110+ you will have so many coins and maximum machines that you would not need more coins. and sadly farm pass is very much needed and useful as it helps the quickest to gain the XP and better your game. I am at 115 level and I have too many coins with me already.

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    I am at level 97.
    I have million of coins so my problem with all the extra XP is I think my storages are not on par with my level, especially the barn.
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    Not going to use the farm pass on the baby farm for a long while. Got so many experience points the farm has moved up two or three levels and now needs two new machines it doesn't have the coins for and so many new crops and products that it is really constrained for barn and silo space.

    Perhaps the rewards on this obvious money spinner need to be geared to the needs according to the farm level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xenkitty View Post
    I'm in the same boat. I have all machines and millions in dollars. I'm a level 111 and it takes forever to level up . I pay for decos and experience. I'm happy.
    Also in the same boat. I love the decos and XP are a great bonus.
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    always working on barn and town

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    Here's a thought. At the end of farmpass add a selector (similar to that to add boxes to sugar mill, cake oven or dark work) to step the level up, add enough coin for the missing machine, add a barn level, or add a silk level

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