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Thread: A Walk thru Memory Lane

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    A Walk thru Memory Lane

    Since we have heard of the closing of the SC Forum have you gone to any of the past threads that may have drawn you to be a member? Or have you come across one of the early helpful threads?

    Please share the link to an oldie but goodie thread. Maybe one from the month/year you became a member.

    Here’s mine:

    I have actually linked to the post #, as the thread is long. Not long after this thread, Tigger went on to create the stickies thread in the New to Hay Day sub forum with so many still relevant helpful information.

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    Most forumers were very helpful and supportive when I became a regular. Here is one I thread I started

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    Great idea, Momscar. Here's a partial list. I'll add more when I able to recall more threads.

    Nick defining community

    Measuring Fixed Order Value

    Pets & Animals Guide: Rare Item Drops

    The Hay Day Game Developers' BATTING AVERAGE: an Unscientific Player-Compiled Rating

    Game Designer Camilla: Globally, all expansion items are balanced

    HOW TO: resize IMGUR Pics using Keyboard Shortcuts
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    this is the one that stands out for me. Started by Woozle who was active here when I first joined the forum. She was very wise and helpful and sadly no longer with us. I still miss her.
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    Threads I will always remember (might continue editing):

    1. this madlad Mastermind here and all his amazing creations

    2. ProGFX - the most talented GFXers here that inspired me
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    Thank you SC forums ❤ and everyone that joined on this ride.

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    And it's tellin' me that things are not the same
    People used to think that voucher from jewelry orders were random, until.....

    How do I get yellow voucher

    Forum most successful crowd-sourcing project carried out on forum.
    During the time period October 2013 - Spring 2014, the voucher database is what I am most proud of what forum community has achieved, together.

    ....Then Supercell found out about our discovery and tweaked the game. Fortunately, they offered more ways to get voucher in the game now.

    May this spirit of the community remain wherever you are.
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